Lease Purchase For Full Price

When you made the decision to sell your house, your next decision was probably should I do it myself, or hire a realtor. Either way, there are certain things a seller needs to do in order to sell your house fast. Hopefully you did the basics like spruce up the yard, create some curb appeal, fix obvious repairs, and keep the interior clean and uncluttered.

If you did all that and the house did not sell, you are probably in the expired listings camp, and it may be time to start thinking outside the box.

If you did not get any offers, or sufficient showings, you first have to look at your listing price. Your realtor should have done that, but if you are trying to sell it by owner, make sure you used realistic comparable sales.

What is a comparable sale? According to licensed appraisers, a comparable should have the following: closed within the last 90 days, be within 300 square feet or the subject property, be within 1/2 mile, and be of like kind (1 story vs 2 story). So step 1 is to make sure your house is priced correctly. Keep in mind that even if you have your house priced near comparable sales, the condition and location of your house versus those comparable sales makes a big difference. If the other houses have updated kitchens, bathrooms, roof, a/c, flooring, etc. and your house doesn’t, buyers will tell you are overpriced. If your house backs up to a fire station and the others don’t, buyers will expect a discount.

If you think you are priced correctly, and you still didn’t get any offers, then you may want to consider another method of selling your house. If you really want to sell your house fast, then you need to make it easy to buy. One way to do that is with a lease purchase. If you have some flexibility, and don’t need cash from the sale immediately, a lease-purchase may solve your problem.

I know what you’re thinking. The last thing you want to do is become a landlord. You have probably heard all the horror stories about dealing with tenants. Everyone seems to know someone who has had a bad experience. Usually the problem can be pinned down to one thing, improper screening of the tenant. So what if there was a way to ensure you didn’t get a bad tenant? Is that possible? In addition, what if you could get full market value for your house, sell without a realtor commission, and not have to worry about repairs and maintenance?

If that all sounds good, you should educate yourself as to the pros and cons of doing a lease purchase. Stay tuned to learn more about how a lease purchase works in the next article.

How To Trade Forex For Beginners

Forex trading is easy, but developing the discipline and skills necessary to trade and be consistent in profits over an extended period of time takes years to achieve. As a beginner in currency trading it is quite normal to have the potential profits as your driving force, but when you jump into the trade without a plan, your chances of making at profits remain just hopes and you may never succeed. Fortunately, you can always borrow a leaf from the experts to help you start with a firm foundation to increase your success rates.

Learn as much as possible about Forex trading

Educating yourself is very important because some knowledge goes a long way in sharpening your trading skills. This is a trade that uses terms that are unique to it and when you know nothing about what they mean, then you remain to be a blind trader who has no direction at all. You can source for necessary info online or better still, take a Forex trading course to sharpen you. You can find very good courses online in the form of instructional trading videos and eBooks you can use. The more you know, the better your trading will be.

Create a trading plan

If there is something that distinguishes successful traders from those that are yet to make it big is a trading plan. The successful lot takes time to develop and even test a potential trading plan complete with trade signals that are objective and yields consistent profitability with time. It might not be as easy to come up with a plan because technical analysis is needed but then again it is definitely worth it. You can seek professional help with the plan so that you have a system that guides your trade decisions. It is actually much easier to come up with a plan when you know a little about the trade.

Manage your money properly

Survival should be your first rule when you go into Forex trading. There of course will be times when you have been losing trades, but this should not in any way leave you broke. The only thing that will keep you in the game is proper money management. Even when you have a good trading strategy, you need to have trading discipline and rationality as well as solid financial management to make the strategy work and propel you into success. It is advisable that don’t exceed 3% of trading capital with every trade. As a beginner it is also a good idea to have enough capital to last you at least 40 trades.

Learn and use a stop loss

It should be your weapon when trading in Forex. It is a feature that helps you predetermine risks down to pip. It simply saves you from further loss when a trade hits a certain point and automatically closes the trade. This feature forces you to really think about the trade and make good decisions and it also saves you from not very good trades that could end up draining your account when you can’t manually close the trade.